Household bills, have I thought of everything?insurance, gas, electric,

10/13/2020 - 14:56

Household bills, have I thought of everything?

insurance, gas, electric, water, TARI and IMU......anything I’ve missed? We are in the process of buying a house near in Le Marche so any help/ guidance appreciated. One last thing; is IMU and TASI the same thing?



No TASI and IMU are different.Your comune here (?) will probably have a link to a calculation site here. The comune site will give you information about what is payable and at what rate. Your deeds/sale papers should give you specific information for your house building and land categories. Hopefully you have heating somewhere on your list :)

Thanks indeed for speedy reply.

what’s the difference between TASI and IMU please?

and yes, heating via mains gas.

we are buying a holiday home but plan to spend quite some time in it.

I’ve found it very helpful scrolling over many of the threads throughout the site so thanks to all who share their views.


They are both tax on the house, I think IMU the property tax and TASI a service tax, not that there is much service... A lot of these things if you put in a web search in Eglish like "difference between tasi imu" you will get English results from the likes of Solicitor sites and other forums. We all have gained from these sites including me, aim is to try to give something back - even if limited .

TV Licence or not as the case might be.  And in the Veneto we pay an additional bill each year to a Consortium public body which manages all waterways, canals, ditches, water pumping plants and so on in this area .

TV licence is normally automatically added to a domestic electricity bill.  You pay IMU via a think an F24 form though I leave that to a relative.

As of this year IMU and TASI have been combined, so yes in practise they are now the same thing.  If you paid 9% IMU and 1% TASI you will now pay 10% IMU, which is the same unless you have outhouses, garages, etc, which will now be eligible for IMU when they were TASI exempt.  

ATTENTION , if you buy a PRIMA CASA , you don't pay IMU , but only TASI