I am due to travel to Italy 5th to the 11

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07/03/2020 - 12:10

I am due to travel to Italy 5th to the 11th September,initially it was 2 days in Bergamo to take in the Monza GP.I am unable to get a refund on the property that I was due to be staying in for 2 nights before driving down to Panicale near Lago Trasimeno for a further 4 nights.My query is 'what is the situation in these towns?.Are bars and restaurants open? Do you have to wear a mask in public or in the bars/cafes/restaurants or are you allowed to be uncovered?




Lombardy, and especially Bergamo  were hotspots for Covid19. 

I have friends who live near Bergamo, and just before lockdown they moved to their holiday home near lake Iseo,  to escape the worst of the virus.

They now go back to their town to shop for elderly mother, but wont return permanently for the foreseeable.   There is no way they would consider going to Bergamo itself - for them it is much too dangerous.

Regretfully,  I'd recommend you avoid Bergamo completely at this time.

(It is a beautiful Old Town - We were there with our friends just before the outbreak hit Italy  and loved it)

I feel exactly the same but Ryan Air will not refund the flight and the apartment that Ive rented wont either.It seems that fearing the virus is not enough for these people to issue refunds and it seems like their attitude is 'take the risk or lose your money'

As the Monza Grand Prix has been cancelled because of Covid19, have you spoken to your travel insurance company as it may cover the total cost

(I assume you have Monza tickets as proof, and you don't get in through the gap in the fence that I used)