I am looking for an English/Spanish teaching job at

02/23/2024 - 07:41

I am looking for an English/Spanish teaching job at a university. Is there any contact information I could get to address my request?



Visit company websites and check vacancies. Or just contact them. It's a pity that you're not a math teacher. I just recently asked for do my math homework, I found https://edubirdie.com/do-my-math-homework for this. By the way, try contacting current or former language teachers at the university via email or personal messages. Find out if they have information about available positions.

To be blunt, unless you know someone you dont have a chance.  If you want a teaching job, you need to wait for a bando to be published, do the gara with thousands of others and then see if you come no.1 on the graduatoria.   If you want to sneak in the back door, get to know the professor of the faculty and hope you get along.   If you want an unpaid, volunteer job you might be lucky just writing but also remember you home country qualifications may not be equal to Italian ones they ask for.