I have been resident in Italy and bought both a

neilhann Image
04/27/2021 - 16:42

I have been resident in Italy and bought both a property and then a new car here two years ago.  Due to uncontrollable circumstances, I am no longer able to remain in Italy long enough each year to keep the residency, however I intend to keep the property as a holiday home.  As it appears you have to have residency to buy a car what happens now with regards to the car that I have. Can I still legally keep it and drive it here or do I have to dispose of it. If the latter can I still drive it until it's disposed of and is there a time limit attached to this?. Where might one sell a vehicle here, will main dealers buy them back?.



Say nothing and keep driving your car.  All that really matters to the authorities is that you have a traceable address to send the fines to:   Bizarrely there is no guideline about what to do in your situation and if a carabinieri stopped you they would be stumped.