I have recently confirmed family in

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I have recently confirmed family in Italy (I am so happy!).  Does anyone have experience with dual citizenship?  What are the advantages of having a dual citizenship?    Is it just for purchasing property?  If anyone has gone through the process of obtaining dual citizenship, where do I start?  Is the process difficult?  (I apologize if this question was already asked).  Any information would be appreciated.  Thank you so much, Georgeann



I live in the United States and looking to have dual citizenship in Italy.   I’m still not sure of the advantage.  I would love to buy property in Italy (not sure if and when) but would dual citizenship be necessary to buy a home?   Or make it easier?   I did read something on this site and it said you need to reside in Italy for a year in order to request dual citizenship, is that true?   Thank you 

11I am in the process of obtaining dual nationality British and Italian. I was born in italy and stayed till the age of 2 1/2 years old then my parents moved to the UK. My mother was Italian but my father was English, they got married in 1946 and at that time the wife was automatically required to take her husbands nationality and so I was considered to be born of British parents and therefore British. This is against the Italian constitution and in order for me to obtain dual nationality I am obliged to take the case to Rome where others have successfully managed to obtain dual nationality. If my father had been Italian or the same situation had occurred some years later things would have been different. The Italian consulate in your country should be able to advise you of the requirements to obtain nationality)The advantages of dual nationality with italy is that you will be entitled to their healthcare and of course travel throughout Europe will be straightforward, working in italy/EU will not require a work permit. Buying property does not require you to be of Italian nationality.you can obtain Italian nationality/dual if you have resided in italy for a minimum of 5 years not 1 year. (Carta D’Identita and codice fiscale - tax code which may make you liable to Italian taxation on any income you receive)

Internet is loaded with info. I advise identifying the Italian Consulate for your area. Go to their website and you will find a link for citizenship. My consulate in Philadelphia provides a package with all info you will require. Essentially you will need to assemble a pack of documentation that is somewhat overwhelming. Then you make an appointment at the consulate. Waits can be long. Many professional companies sell services to assist. There is also a way to skip the consulate and apply from within Italy. You can find info on internet. It is way faster but more expensive. Good luck. I have been at it for over a year and decided to hire professional help. 

The first thing you need to do is visit the website of the Itatlian consulate that has jurisdiction over your location. Everything you need to know/do is on their website. There are questions for you to answer, which will determine if, indeed, you are eligible to apply. The process for me was actually quite smooth, but I have heard it doesn't always go as quickly. The most important thing is to do everything they tell you to do and have everything in order. Good luck! 

You are looking for Application for Italian Citizenship (Jure Sanguinis).

Based upon your residence in the United States, you should look through the respective consulate' s website nearest to you.

Google: Italian Consulates in United States

You will get the following link:

Listed will be the following cities with a bunch of additional information. Your best bet is to get to your specific jurisdiction website and find information pertaining to Jure Sanguinis.