I live in Tocco da Casauria. I am

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I live in Tocco da Casauria. I am traveling in a few weeks to the US.  I am taking my dogs with me, but I must find a veterinarian who 1.Can speak English, or has an email so I can write to him or her my needs in Italian. 2. Is near Tocco or Pescara. I do not have a car and I plan to rent a car first of September. I need health certificates done for the airlines.  HELP!  Thank you for any suggestions.



HiJust on an unrelated matter . My wife and I are looking to buy a place in Tocco da Casuria. Can you confirm if there are bus connections to both Pescara and Sulmona. Also how do you like the town ?Thanks Mark

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I have been living in Tocco da Casauria for 4 years now. I absolutely love it. It is near the main highway A25 and E 80. This means you can get to other places quickly. The people are welcoming and kind. There are no restaurants in town any more. There are 2 pubs that offer food, but it is hamburgers, veggies, french fries, salads, There is a pizza place, but it has an odd schedule. The main restaurant closed in 2018. But a few kilometers away is Torre de Passeri, They have a few restaurants that are charming and the food is lovely. My house is a hill house. This means there is no place to drive a car to my home. Deliveries are difficult. Pellets for my heating are difficult to get to my house. Customer service doesn't exist in Italy. FYI. I don't necessarily think of that as a bad thing, but just telling you for information. I have never been treated like an outsider here. I hope you found a home you love. Katie Dover

Great adventure in ItalyWe love Italy and lived in Lucca but it is just very expensive to buy or rent . I will look into your town Tocco de Caesura. We are retired living Southern California with comfortable retirement income. It is just getting worse here  traffic commutes are horrible. We travel to Italy to decompress and live quiet simple Italian life which we learn while there and thinking of doing it 3-4 months a year to just chill and live healthy. We looking to buy a small place at least two bedroom that we can just lock and go whenever or just rent;   we would love to hear from you or others how their life been since moving there. Any thoughts, advise is very much appreciated. Thank you 

Hello,Living in Tocco da Casauria is wonderful. There is a pharmacy, 3 doctors, a large modern hospital, bank with ATM, bus service, a few groceries, bars and cafe's, 3 bakeries, 2 pizza shops. several amazing restaurants. It is small, so getting to know people is so easy. I walk a lot with my dogs and that is how I meet people I see in the cafe in the mornings. We have 2 butcher shops ( if you like meat). Hardware store DIY and they will loan you tools. Hair salons, clothing, a farmers market every Tuesday. Several bar hang outs that are suitable for all ages. They serve really good food. I have found it to be peaceful and allows me to decompress. I also lived in Los Angeles for 35 years and the grind was difficult to imagine as someone retiring. I always find things to do and people to do them with. I take the bus or train to Pescara when I need a change. Torre di Passeri 3 K away has a train station. There are several B & B's and are relativelly inexpensive. Come visit us. The comune is very welcoming. Lets have a cappuccino and cornette. Katie

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Hello Katie, it is very nice of you to response quickly. I will take your invite and when I have the chance will go visit your lovely commune.  Sounds like a well situated area with all the necessary amenities in life so to speak; we don’t need much more . It is important for us foreigners to get the feel of people of the community. How did you find your place? When you come back to USA we can meet up if that is possible. I live partly in Westwood Village near the campus and partly in the Inland Empire so you can imagine the gridlock we have here on the freeways.  We can have coffee and pastries at Porto’s in Burbank or meet in Westwood Village.  I googled the town and did not find much info or places to rent or stay. What is the closest airport to use or train station from Rome or Firenze do you use? Thank you again. 

Hello,I usually fly into Rome and drive to Tocco da Casauria. It is about an hour and a bit from Rome headed East . Tocco is about a 20 minute drive to Pescara (also an airport and big train station.) There is an exit off the 80 from Rome to Tocco. Not a lot of the residents place their properties with realtors. Its word of mouth. But having spent 3 months there recently, I know there are places to rent and for sale. I live in old town, the medevial neighborhood. It is amazing. I am not sure when I will come back to LA. I have found peace in Italy. I think I am living my best life. It is much more a right now life than worry. There are large shopping centers near by and a huge hospital in Penne, which is maybe 20 minutes away.When you visit, ask locals. That is how I found my home. I have a beautiful community of people who make me feel welcome and a part of the community. I enjoy life  now. Plus there is an IKEA in Chieti, a short drive, and a huge hardware store like Lowes (Leroy Merlin) near Ikea. Also appliance stores like Media world in the same area. I know there are 2 houses for rent on my street. Both are elevated and have beautiful views. Simplicity is the key in Italy. Every Sunday, a group of us (22) head out to lunch somewhere new and fun. We are planning lunch in Finland in December.  I had to get used to stores closing down at 12:30 till 5 pm. Now, I walk with the dogs or take a nap, or read a book. I explore every day. I am in Philadelphia now working on getting my permanent resident visa. I plan to return within a month. my email is katiedover2@gmail.com. There is a good mixture of ages and people in Tocco. Austrailians, Italians, Finish, British, French. middle aged adults with children, elderly, young 2-30's, It is a great place to live. Local wine, Local cheeses, Artistic people live there by choice. I look forward to meeting you. If I do by some chance visit Los Angeles, I will let you know. Katie

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Wonderful I am envious it sounds like idyllic lifestyle I am looking for at this stage of my life . Husband does not like to travel much but I do. You hit all my bucket list for Italian living. I just have to explore more in that directions. I love cooking and baking; 3  bakeries in town is heaven for me LOL. Okay take care and thank you again. Continue your beautiful journey in italy. I will keep in touch using your email. 

Hello Katie, 

Yes, it has been about two years. Hope all is well with you. 
Due to pandemic, we have not travelled anywhere unfortunately. It seems like things are getting better here in USA and some parts of the world. We hope we can go back to Italy sometime in 2023 and go look  for a place. 
If you come back here Los Angeles, let me know and we can have coffee.

Be safe and take care, 


Hello Katie, it is so nice to hear from you. We plan to be in Lucca then to Abruzzo. But we are not sure now due to corvid 19 if we will go. We are suppose to be Italy late August to Mid September 2020. Please call or text me when you are back to USA and we can  have coffee please. Hope all is well with you with all these things happenning globally. My friend who lives in Orvieto is very worried and secluding herself in her apartment except to take her two dogs out. Please let me know. Do not know how to give u my contact privately? 


I will try to give you my email kdclothes@yahoo.com  I hope it will post to you. I am taking precautions in Italy, We all are now. But I walk my dogs, go walking and have a coffee with friends. I  live in a small village. The rumors and panic are flying around. I am more worried about returning to the US and the idiots reactions there. I plan to be back in the US on the 16th. I am only staying a week or so. Every day so many people die from the flu, starvation, cancer and other things and this virus just started and I don't know what to think. Is it man made? We have gone through enough in the last almost 4 years, have we not? The world is getting smaller and leaders everywhere find cruelty to be a better tool than leadership. I love my life in Italy. Katie