I need help in getting a document together for cousin's

03/04/2024 - 21:27

I need help in getting a document together for cousin's whom have shares in my mom's family home, due to their parent (my mom's brother/sisters passing).  Each of the cousins do not want the home and we would like to give it away vs selling it, either to a family member in italy or to the city in which the home/land is in.  Currently the home is non habitable and is condemned for anyone living in it.  It has to be torn down.  I have spent over $5K on a UK lawyer only to be told this was too difficult and would cost me $15K to get the paper work ready.

In some area's that my cousins live in they are not near an Italian Consulate office, and I have emailed them 2 years in a row for help and they said they dont deal in real estate?


Any advise? due to the home falling apart we are desperate to find a solution as the town's people's homes are attached and if the house falls down, so will their homes.  The home is in Province of Treviso



You cant just give away a property in Italy, but I would suggest the solution is to let the local comune take it (if they want it)  - and put it into sicurezza - so your first step would be to contact the comune.  

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