I need some help with ancestry.  I am applying

09/26/2020 - 13:14

I need some help with ancestry.  I am applying for Italian citizenship.  When I located what I thought was my grandfather's birth certificate (Same mother and father on the certificate as the ones with which he came to the United States in 1901), it stated that he was presented to the commune officials in Salerno, where the birth is recorded, he was without vital signs - stillborn.  I have hit a brick wall with this.  Because of Covid I cannot go directly to research this.  Does anyone have any suggestions?



Many times the same name was then given to another child.  Have you checked the records for a few years before and after the certificate that you found?  Did you use the site antenati to find the one you have?  I found many times in my family tree that the names were given to another child after the death (at birth or even after a few years).