I want to obtain my Italian Citizenship

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10/28/2019 - 08:57

I want to obtain my Italian Citizenship through my dad.  The consulate in Toronto has a 2 year waiting list for the appointment.  I'm going to Rome this summer. Can I bring all my documents to a consulate in Rome to obtain my citizenship?



Daer Mr. Emilianb,

Unfortunately, to obtain this you have to go through the Italian consulate in Toronto.

We can put you in toug=ch with an Italian law firm that deal with all this type of matter.

Please feel free to contact us

If it's like Australia then i would recommend logging in everyday and looking for appointments because they do get cancellations so you will find one. Have you got all your documents ready? It's better if you have everything you need ready for the 1st appointment and then they can process straight away. If you need a list then let me know and I'll post what you need.



Agree with previous posts. It took us persistence over several months to finally get a slot here in UK. We also looked at doing it in Italy where they are issued by the police at a questura. The problem is that it has to be the questura where you are domiciled in Italy which is the same place where your dad was resident and then domiciled when he left. If you have not got yourself domiciled then a passport application can't progress.