I wonder if someone may be able to help me ?

01/31/2024 - 10:54

I wonder if someone may be able to help me ? In 2005 we purchased some land and property. The intention was to set up an Agri Tourism. We were unable to stop the infiltration of hunters onto the land and eventually abandoned the venture in 2007. On going to sell the property lately we discovered a lien had been placed on the land by the Agenzia Entrata. This was because the account at the time who was supposed to wind up the arl company had not done so and unbeknown to us had left us with an IMPS liability of some €54000 despite me having returned to the UK and taken up employment and my wife having retired. I am hoping to find someone who can.

1. Put the company into voluntary liquidation.

2. Negotiate with the agenzia entrata, the contributions would entitle me to an Italian pension which i do not wish for as i suspect it will lead to complex tax returns etc. As i an already entitled to a British one and have a private pension too.   




ECCOMI !! :)

Jon , I'm Ugo - I didn't quite understand WHO had to liquidate the company and above all if the company was created to build the farm (which is useless and crazy!), or if the company was the seller of the land - if you don't want to do it here, you can send an email, using the Ugo-Quick-Contact button, which you find on the home page of my site (I'll start by saying that I don't want to be paid to give advice... everyone here knows it!) >


This site is superb!

Ugo, thank you for your wisdom in all things Italian. The information you gave me was clear and has been enlightening. I do believe that your guidance and help has set me on a path to getting the problems i was facing resolved.


thank you very much.