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12/11/2011 - 12:16

We used to pay an account to do our ICI tax payments, but times are hard and we would like to save money and do our own but are not sure how to go about it. Can anyone help?



if you understand some italian try this - http://www.dossier.net/guida/calabi.htm   and we have printed out and used this form at the post office to pay - they are usually very helpful re filling it out correctly http://www.spcon.it/images/BOLLETTINIICI-2005NEW.GIF   most likely it will be the same amount you paid last year, you need to know your cadastral value for the  calculator. Hope that helps.. Am

Our Commune normally helps us out with our calculation- However having just popped in to get our rubbish tax information from them they have now told me that the ICI will be changing to the EMU in 2012, but unfortunately did not have the time to  be able to expalin what the change will be. Hopefully someone can let us know?

As yet nobody knows what IMU will be.  It will be a combination of ICI and TARSU, but as the rates can be fixed by the comune itself they  wont get round to it until March when they fix the budget. 

I used to get the commune to calculate, and as well as the ici I had to pay them for working it out, but apparently in the future I will wait for them to send me the calculation by post and then pay (therefore avoiding the extra, calculation, charge)I understand this is aall changing soon and will be based on square meterage of your property.