Im going to spend next summer in Italy

12/06/2014 - 15:41

Im going to spend next summer in Italy, just traveling, eating and knowing new places, any advice about food, places, locations, will be appreciated!! Thank you



Try the Marche region. It's less well-known but because of that is quieter and has retained its traditional local character. It also has sun, sea, beaches, mountains, historic hill towns, great art ... Have a look at the Marche section of this website.

I agree that Le Marche is a wonderful place to visit. I did a little truffle hunting there and was amazed by the stunning scenery, good food and fun people. Definitely visit Amandola and the area around Mount Sibellini. I also really liked south Tuscany for beaches (Maremma area especially) or even Carrara, a less well-known area of Tuscany close to both the mountains and the sea. I did a tour in the marble caves and it was absolutely incredible! Let us know if you need any more specific information  

Marche is a great place to be for a while.  If you enjoy nature and hiking and truffle hunting you just can't beat what the area around Sarnano can offer.  All of those things are within reach.  Also some great farm houses or even agritourismo to stay at while your in the area.The beach around Senigallia is some of the nicest in the world (imo).  Senigallia also has a Summer Jamboree in August that is loads of fun.  The Jamoboree is a throw back to everything 40's and 50's like the music, cars etc.  Bologna is also pretty nice and a train ride from Senigallia to Bologna is about 2 horus 45 minutes.  In 2015 the Ferrari museum will continue their special pricing of tickets on the museums in Modena and Maranello.  They will also have a shuttle that will pick you up from the train station, take you to both museums and shuttle you to certain shops in Modena.Of course there is also Trieste and its awesome castles, caves like Grotta Gigante which was when we visited (and I think still is) the largest cave with regular tours in the world.Hope that helps! 

Yes, Senigallia and its beaches are well worth visiting. Do have a look at the old town as well, and my favourite place in Le Marche is Corinaldo, a historic hill-town just a short drive inland from Senigallia. Walk round the walls which are the best preserved in the region, and enjoy the views, the food and drink, the quaint alleyways, grand houses ... Lots of other places worth visiting nearby.

Ciao! My name us Olga and I am an Italian tour guide. With my husband Andrea we have founded a tour operator based in Bologna, Emilia Romagna. Our region is known as the food valley of Italy! Here most of the finest Italian food were born: Parmesan, Prosciutto, balsamic vinegar, and more! Don't hesitate to contact me! We offer private and small group tours.

Hi my name is Martina Uras, i am a blogger and travel designer. I suggest you Bologna, it s a city full of life, the food is good, lots of things to do and see. Moreover Bologna is very good located, near to Florence and Venice. If you take the speed train you will get to Rome and Naple in few hours. A good place to stay is . If you need more info don't hesitate to contact me, i will be happy to help ypu

I've been traveling to Italy since 1982. I do small group tours (max 6) to Italy. I've lots of info on Roma, Toscana and Lago di Garda. Salo on Garda is one of my favourite places in Italy and the great thing is, very few tourists. Lago di Como has too many Clooney's. If you send me your email ( I can send you my info. I would also recommend staying in Roma for at least a week. We always stay at Hotel Portoghesi but if it's too expensive we suggest Albergo Sole al Biscione (near Campo die Fiori).

... but if you want to get away from tourists, try coming down to the REAL south...  Since moving to Basilicata, we have found amazingly friendly people, astounding views, masses of history and local traditions, sea, mountains.  And don't miss Matera (European City of Culture for 2019).It is an area so overlooked (even by northern Italians!) but all the visitors that we have had here have loved the simplicity and rurality of life here.Where-ever you go, I am sure you will have a great trip.