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09/19/2009 - 09:10

Can any one advise the best buildings insurance companys to use for our holiday home in abruzzo, and those to avoid? thanks


I have recently moved to Intasure and found them to be efficient, reasonably priced and most important of all, provided full quake cover with a low excess. Intasure are an underwrting agency based in the UK and cover is placed with Lloyd's of London.Fortunately, I haven't had to make a claim so far, so cannot vouch for their paying ability!

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Not had to claim,  but have also found Intasure the best for ease of dealing with and straight forward set up.

 We had visit of burglars in November 2008. We then had left Italy, but friends took photos, got a police report etc. Intasure took 10 days to pay up after claim was sent by mail.When returning to Italy in March, we saw more that was stolen and was able to find receipts in our house. This time Intasure took 15 days to pay up.Intasure has treated us excellent every step of the way, and their behavior made the misfortune easier to cope with.