Italian Cities at risk of bankruptcy...

07/24/2012 - 12:30

A very interesting but disturbing article, how many other Italian cities could follow, we all know it's bad here.



ahh , once again  " the fox and the grapes"  he who writes knows that his city has everything, but they will never have the sun of Italy and the Italians  :)

The Telegraph seems to be running a campaign against ITaly at te moment - along with the campaign against the euro and the everything else that doesnt wear cricket whites.  Article after article with badly translated Italian articles and misquotes to add meat to their story.   Obviously the answer is take your copy of the Telegraph and recycle it without bothering to read it.... its become the Daily Mail for broadsheet snobs 

Being an avid Grauniad reader for years, I have also noted that the Torygraph has got it in for Italy and this is not the first time that they have delighted in pointing the finger at 'corupt Italian Governments' just for the headlines. Anyone living here knows the extent of cash shortfalls in Comunes (ours too is Bankrupt) but the implications, and lack of income are still alarming.