Italian footballers

02/06/2010 - 11:23


  Not sure why I cannot write my message on my first post.  I see others have the same problem - can anyone advise please?  Anyway, what I was going to say related to the current media furore in the UK re footballers' private lives.  I thought it might start a discussion.  It was interesting to see the Times headline today of Capello saying Basta.  I am not really interested in what has been going on but wonder why we don't seem to see such articles in Italian papers about their footballers.  Is it because they behave themselves, or such behaviour is accepted or the papers do not write about it, or something else?

  I think you read the wromg can usually find some DIRT on the WAGS, if you subscribe to a certain Mr Berlusconis rags....

  I totally agree. Most Italians couldn't give a monkeys... now if you know some gossip on the spinster from number 32 then half your village will want the low down.... Think local...!!

 To be honest Monica that's the advert that inspired my comment; although I pass on the fruit, milk, bread and cut straight to the Nutella! The little guy that gives him a shove at the end I believe is a waiter at La Borghesiana, a sports hotel in Rome where Italia Calcio train, and I've also stayed for other reasons. After introducing my 90 year old (young) Mum in UK to Nutella, she gets through a jar a week! 

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 Hi Monica; to be honest I wouldn't recognise the soccer players even if I bumped into them. The last time I was at La Borghesiana there was a couple of pro soccer teams there (Torino and Lazio I think) and to be honest they were quite dim and rude. Every time one of them entered the dining room they left the door open, until I actually called over to them to shut the door please! Maybe however they are paid enough to have a professional door shutter follow them everywhere. Alternatively I'm of the oval ball persuasion; that's why I was at La Borghesiana; and I'm very fortunate to count many of the Italian team as family friends. What I've noted with the International; players is that; the higher up the 'ranking' they get; the more humble they are. Always great company. The nearest I've been to pro soccer is presenting a lecture to 150 soccer coaches of the 'Inter-Campus Soccer Schools' at the San Siro stadium in Milan (Inter's sort of satellite system); I was even allowed to have a walk on to the pitch for about 15 seconds! the thread is called "Italian footballers" let's talk about Italian footballers...I love the "Azzurri" and try to watch every match... Think they are part of the Italian way of life. Have seen them in Germany 2006 and hope they will do very well in South Africa... Are you going to watch World Cup this summer? I can't wait...

Yes Andrew....have you ever seen the Italian Nutella advertising on TV? When the cook says" Sono campione del mondo anch'io... I am a world Champion as well) :-) Great!!!

The Azzurri will play their usual game of do not conceded a goal a nick the odd goal until the final and then play the football that they are capable of. Frustrating but gets results!!