Italian Mortgages

08/20/2009 - 06:01

Just wondering if anyone has any helpful advice/ experiences of obtaining an Italian mortgage for a non-resident. Some friends of ours are looking to buy a house and are asking if it is easy process and where is best to try first. Many thanks.


 the suggestions above are as good as any... however be prepared for very detailed paperwork regarding earnings and tax returns... plus a long term working for the same company proof... also bank statemenst showing a good deal of money left over each month takes ages.. and is not at all guaranteed that even after the paperwork is all done that even if you think you have met the criteria that the loan will be given...they also have very complicated mortgages and rates... not suprised i guess... and costs are quite high...they will also often get you to pay their prefered geometra for a valuation... at a cost to you ...and then turn down the loan... persistence and patience... and nothing out of the normal in your background ... are all requirements...  had more people turned down than accepted and as i say it doesnt seem to matter which bank you use  there are specialist agencies in the UK that deal in these sorts of things but cannot say i would reccomend any as they sometimes seem to be as hopeless and as slow as the banks they deal with...   

We have our mortgage with Banca Woolwich (Milan branch). Yes, it was a bit of a palaver to set up,  with lots and lots of form filling and sending of pay slips etc, but no more so than in the UK (we've just changed our UK mortgage and it was equally time consuming). They were helpful and efficient and they speak good English if necessary. At the time (6 years ago) there weren't many options available to us for a euro mortgage, but I think more Italian banks offer mortgages to foreigners now.