Italian passport.  I am sorry if this has

11/10/2020 - 11:58

Italian passport. 


I am sorry if this has been covered before, but just looking for a brief idea. I understand that the process of obtaining an Italian passport can be arduous. 

In principle if both my grandparents were Italian by birth, moved to the UK in approx 1940 do I qualify for a passport. 





You can apply for citizenship "jure sanguinis". I'm not an expert but you may have to have a direct line, i.e. that your mother or father have to be/become an Italian citizen first. But otherwise fairly straightforward. see

The main problem may be acquiring your grandparents documents.

I'm currently suing the Italian state to acquire citizenship as my Italian mother lost hers when she married my father, an English soldier, in 1947

Thanks for that. Good luck with your process, not an easy task but one step at a time. 

My father acquired his Italian citizenship a few years ago via his parents roots, 

Can I assume that as my father has technically always been an Italian citizen including when I was born I qualify, or after I turned 18 does it all change? 

if your paternal grandparents were Italian, their son: your father, too, is Italian by birth, so if he has not renounced Italian citizenship, during his life, you, who are his son, are Italian, for birth - every Italian has the right to an Italian passport - I don't see the problem

but you haven't lived with your father, you never asked him these things ?

anyway, if your grandparents were Italian, your father was born Italian - and if for reasons you don't know, he also had an Italian passport, the fact that at 65 he received an Italian one, in my thought, it just means he had double passport -

If you are not an Italian citizen at birth, it is possible that in the country where you were born, there was the possibility to choose the nationality of the unborn child. In Italy, children receive the citizenship of the father, only if the mother is not of Italian citizenship, and the father does not recognize them as his own.

a question that may seem silly ..., but .., on your birth certificate, what is written, for the citizenship of your parents?

It does and at that time my father only had his British passport. Approx 50 years after my birth he applied and received his Italian citizenship. 

I will be starting the process very soon just wanted an idea if it would be possible via my father's status or if I would need to go back to my Nonno and Nonna. 

so you were registered at birth, English citizen!

A question, if you allow, why do you want Italian citizenship, more than 50 years after your birth?

Lately I have noticed that the number of people, born and registered with citizenships, the most varied, however outside Italy, who desire Italian citizenship has increased. While, every day, the Italian citizens, who emigrate, to have a better life, increase.

If emigration does not surprise me at all, instead I am amazed by this immigration, <bureaucratic>, most of those who obtain Italian citizenship, then remain to live in the country in which they were born that gave them their first citizenship .

No problem with the question. 

I have a house in Italy, I visit about 5 times a year and spend about 6 weeks there in the summer. In the future I would like to spend more time. With brexit I don't want the situation where after a 6 month tourist visa expires and I would have to drive to Switzerland and then reenter Italy to get another 6 month visa. 


Remember, (assuming you are from the UK) that if you are out if the UK for more than 6 months (continuous), you (in theory,) lose the right to NHS services when you return. And any travel insurance and car insurance is similarly time limited

Am surprised to hear the NHS news. Have worked abroad extensively over the last 30 years and never had an issue on returning with the health service.

Also not sure how that fits with an issue the NHS has been having with overseas nationals using the health service.