Italian vegetable growing in the UKWe are trying to grow

09/23/2020 - 12:15

Italian vegetable growing in the UK

We are trying to grow Italian vegetables in the south of England and could do with some help.

My husband has had an allotment for over 20 years but recently he has started growing Italian veg such as Cima Di Rape, escarole, fennel, Borettana onions.

these are all new for us so any guidance from experts would be most welcome



Have you tried Seeds of Italy?  They may have some tips to offer on their website or social media or perhaps respond to a specific question.

Hey Duffer56

Ive tried growing fruit and veg now in rural central Italy for two years now, and have learned a whole lot along the way. lets get into it!

I highly recommend using the natural systems around to keep the area warm, such as seeing what area gets the most sun, and good insulation. If need be, a sort-of small-greenhouse might be useful.

Start growing things in nurseries and then plant the sprout pods outside when its warm enough–Again warmth and sunlight is key!

permaculture strategies could really be useful to you. there are great videos online!

Best of luck and soil ecosystem!- Ale

I am afaid I am not much help to you. Most Italians advise to grow what you know grows locally i.e. ask neighbours what they suceed to grow.


I do not know how easy it will be to grow Italian stuff in the UK.


As an example and insight - I know that Rhubarb and Parsnips are very difficult to grow in Italian soils. The only Italian areas for Rhubarb are the pre-Alp and Alp zones. It is likely to be vice a versa were it is difficult to grow the Italian vegetable UK soil - not to mention the massive climate differences.