Keeping on Topic

06/10/2011 - 11:31

Not being one to moan (oh well yes I am really), but of late numerous Topics seem to get side tracked and off the subject of the Post. As there seems to be a lack of Admin input these days to keep posting all together, could we try and save time and wasted energy looking over posts that have nothing to do with the main topic and stick to the topic they are about. I don't mind it digressing on a similar wavelength, but if one wishes to have a 'chat' with another member, I think you'll find the PM system is best suited for that. Sorry in advance to any that this offends, and I do not wish it to be construed as a dig at anyone, but the purpose of a heading in a post is just that , to keep posts and replies relevant.


Moderators, moderators.... do we really need them? Thank you for the compliment, Phillide, but I think that you are reminiscing Ancient History , also called the old forum, here... Sorry, I am also becoming a bit flippant, it must be old age crawling wink (These smileys are awful!!! Sorry Flip, I am disgressing, but I just noticed it)

I guess I'm just one of those people who like a bit of order in things then; if I start to follow a post on say Solar Energy etc, I can't see the relevance of Shopping for Figs in the Marche or some such has to do with it. If one feels the need to digress start a new post on that subject. After all the more topics the wider the discussion !

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In general I agree, although the issue that you have raised has yet to cause me a single sleepless night ! I think the major point of this Forum is to encourage people to come along to gain or provide information, (or even just look).......... more contributions the better obviously. If you were 'following' a post on say Solar Energy etc, could Shopping for Figs in the Marche actually be a point of interest in that the yield of the tree may be increased due to said solar energy ? devil Good luck however it goes, I will continue dipping in and out as normal, S

When the original post was a comment rather than a specific request for information I don't take issues when the subsequent posts digress and go off at a tangent. However, when the original post was a specific question seeking specific knowledge/information, it must be extremely frustrating and, perhaps for a new member off putting, to receive numerous replies none of which are relevant and therefore not at all helpful. Fortunately I don't think the latter happens very often.