A legal challenge will be lodged in the

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03/15/2016 - 10:52

Expat right to vote - A legal challenge will be lodged in the High Court tomorrow against the exclusion of expats voting in the EU referendum, the lead litigant in the case is the English 94 year old war veteran Harry Shindler who lives in Porto D'Ascoli in Le Marche. it is hoped that this will force the Government to speed up their promise to abolish the "15 year rule" in time to give millions of British nationals outside the UK the right to have a voice to decide whether the UK should be IN or OUT. I hope that all British expats will support this action, and if you are not caught by the 15 year rule, register to vote in this really important decision for the UK.see https://www.leighday.co.uk/News/News-2016/March-2016/Expats-in-High-Court-legal-action-over-exclusion-f 



BREXIT  ! http://www.lastampa.it/2016/06/24/multimedia/italia/state-male-e-soffrite-per-la-brexit-ecco-il-video-che-vi-tirer-su-il-morale-VuRlrxdKQbh8jeFwaUT0oK/pagina.html 

I completely agree with you, and I'm sure that most of the British who writes here, is contrary to Brexit, that link was just a game, I hope no one is offended. In the UK, you have the Queen, which I think is rather heard, you think that maybe she could rectify this insane act, in bad taste, that the most backward, wanted to do to younger  ? 

MascaUnfortunately , according EU laws , if the Brexit really start , to go back , is necessary .1> waith the completion of exit  - about 2 years  2> start a new procedure to enter - Not minus than 8 year. at my  opinion , the one and ONLY possibility , is that the UK parliament don't  officially ask to EU , the exit starting ...  , but I have no idea whether this is ever possibleOf course, the Germans, are very restless and determined .... 

To paraphrase the title of a famous film of Sordi and Manfredi ...  Will our hero (Albion's sons), to save themselves from themselves? http://www.repubblica.it/esteri/2016/06/25/news/brexit_un_milione_di_inglesi_per_un_nuovo_referendum_sulla_ue-142779184/

Ugo I understood 85% of what he said but it did cheer me up! Hilarious. We have to laugh right now otherwise we might cry. I am personally aghast and appalled. Europe and the UK are split down the middle between who  wanted us to stay and who thought we have done the right thing.I do agree that the rules should not have allowed a franchise of less than 75% to win by only 51.9%, I doubt there will be a second referendum unless the new recession hits the UK soon, in which case those who voted leave might all say they desperately want to vote again!My father lived 22 years in Spain where he worked for the Financial Times, he went "home" to the UK feeling like a true European 4 years ago to escape the property crash in Spain, for the first time I think he is regretting it, but at 82 he cant move again. I was able to move to Italy to live with my Italian partner and to set up a business here and practice law.I wont be forced to move back but might on principle take up Italian Nationality as I would like to stay part of a united Europe, and I would like to have a vote here...we should all have faith in what we believe in as the right way for the world and play our part in holding it together I think.

Charlotte ,I had a life abroad in many countries, working as project manager for a famous Italian firm that  now, is no longer Italian, as often happens. In the 70's I was often in London, and gradually, I saw immigrants start as waiters, and then become entrepreneurs, Indian, Italian, Spanish, Chinese.Your homeland  has colonized much countryes of the world, and consequently, has become, host of people from all over the world.This thing of Brexit, surprised me very much, I was deeply convinced that the uk, was the mother of the new humanity that today, and increasingly in the future, will populate the earth, a unique breed, made up of many ethnic groups, intermingled their .And instead here is a pride that one does not expect.Really I do not understand, fear that led to this choice.There is only one answer, that almost afraid to expose, because the less ill thinking you might offend –The fear that someone can do to them what they thought of having done wrong, when they colonized, distant lands.I understand it is a bad thought (I am almost ashamed to express it).But it is the only one who can justify this choice, so self-defeating.And that which, on the side of the club of nations that is the EU, does not at all surprise me, because it imparts, almost expected it, with a certain fear, is the insistence and almost evil, with which Mrs. Merkel and her Ministers, demanding, insisting, this act of abandonment of the EU by the UK, like the demonstration of a victory, already long delayed, after suffering a defeat . That is, does not make me at all quiet.I'm sorry if I offended anyone in my remarks, but I'm not a good politician, I say exactly what I think.I also apologize for my not perfect English, everyone here knows that I go to school by the lord Google traslator ... :) 

Perhaps it would be more appropriate to accept that a substantial number of those who voted in favour of Brexit in an exercise of their democratic right, of which you have none because it would appear you no longer live in the UK, have the sense to disagree with you. 

Oh well, everyone is entitled to have their own opinions, but when you see people who voted in favour of Brexit regretting their decision, Scotland and Northern Ireland considering secession, Cornwales voting in favour but wanting to keep EU subventions (what a cheek!)and people born and bred in the UK, who also fought for their country deprived from voting rights when most democratic countries maintain voting rights regardless of current residence... You can only think that it is a madhouse!!!Oh, wait, there is also the Gibraltar problem and all those expats living in EU countries...And, fortunately, I am not British. So you could call this an independent opinion.

I do not know the domestic law of the UK, so not sure if the government, elected by the majority of citizens, can deny, the result of a referendum, obtained by the vote of a majority of the same RELATED citizens. Yet I know that the UK has not sold its national sovereignty to the EU, and therefore the EU, can only REQUEST, an official position of the UK within the EU, in accordance with the decision taken by its citizens. Put simply, the statute of the EU, states that as long as the legal representative of the UK government, has no formal output required by the EU, the UK, remains a member in all respects and without any change to the situation prior to its national referendum . However, it would seem obvious to me, that if you want to stay in the EU, the UK government should agree to agree to have the same straight and obligations as other countries, and therefore not excluded the Treaty Shenghen and the euro, being no longer justifiable for the UK, partakers the EU, on a non-equal level. On the other hand, if the UK were to leave the EU, of course, become a third country, with all pegi and defects of this situation and clearly lose both subsidies is the coverage given by the Bank EU (such as QE)

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