On-line property tax info;Does anyone

09/24/2014 - 04:16

On-line property tax info;Does anyone know if there is “public” information available on-line, or anywhere else for that matter, that one can access to determine if a particular property is “current” with property tax payments, (IUC, IMU, Taris, whatever)?Thanks,Fred



Ciao Fred,Modicasa is correct. I can just add that, in case you buy a house, IMU payments have to be requested and  checked by the Notary prior to the the purchase act and, in case you're renting, if payments are not regular it's the owner and not the new occupant who has to respond of it. The rental contract will prove since when you're in charge of the property.Elisabetta

Thanks for your response. Basic concern is, having assisted a number of folks with their tax submissions, we have no way of learning the accuracy of our submissions until maybe several years down the road upon receipt of an underpayment of tax notice with the attendant penalties, fees, interest, whatever. Guess a visit to the Comune is necessary to ascertain the accuracy of our tax payments. In the States, should one file a tax return with an underpayment of tax, the IRS will be "on your doorstep" before the glue dries on your envelope; with an overpayment your grandchildren have a 5% (or less) chance of reimbursement.