London, the wine theatre

08/05/2009 - 08:23

My husband and I are just back from a lovely weekend in London, where we went for an aperitivo in the wine theatre ( ) and I really recommend it.They have an excellent wine selection, loads of wines from Ceretto if you want a special treat, and they serve a  tagliere with mixed cold meats, vegetable and cheese, just like an aperitivo in Italy that will not let you down.Ask for Fabio or Stefano, the staff is greatPaola 


Interesting, this place received not very good reviews when it first opened last december so I never bothered to try it. Will certainly do so now. I do find it rather amusing to receive recommendations for my home town here!

I know, the owner Fabio, who is from Asti mentioned that review. I think that the people from Time out, if I remeber well, went as they had just opened so the restaurant was not running perfectly needed a few days to gain experience...  Fabio was in charge of the restaurant in Harrods so he has plenty of experience in the sector.We had a good time, let me know what you guys think Paola