Lycee school Florence

05/20/2013 - 09:49

Has anyone had any experience with the Lycee in Florence to relate please?  The dilemma with further education for an 11 year old boy looms.  Already fluent in Italian it would certainly be a great asset for him to go to a French school. Also on the 'maybe list' is the UWC Trieste (or Wales) or Bishop's Stortfrd College.



UWC Trieste and Bishop's Stortford College are interesting options, but are outside of Italy. It is important to consider what learning style and cultural environment your child will prefer.

If your son speaks Italian fluently, then this is a really big advantage, as he will integrate into the local society more easily. Choosing a French school can be useful if you plan for your child to know and master several foreign languages. But I advise you not to burden your child. Then I feel we will have problems with mathematics and we will also look for something using it. It’s better to give him one direction in which he will develop.