Mad Crow!

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06/10/2012 - 06:15

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions about how we can deter a very persistent crow from trying to break into our house? This started about a month ago when we noticed strange marks on our glass doors and windows. Then, one morning at about 5 am we heard this racket from downstairs and crept down to find a huge hooded crow flinging himself against the glass doors. Once he had exhausted himself doing that. he stood tapping furiously with his beak (good job we've got toughened glass!) This now happens on a daily basis . We have just returned from a wedding in France and, not only has he tried to attack the doors through the grills that we put up when we go away, but he has trampled down my geraniums in the window boxes to get at the windows.He is getting more and more bold, as yesterday evening he stood tapping at the kitchen door while I was cooking. (good job the door was closed!)Does anyone have any idea about a reason for this strange behaviour or how we can stop it. We are fed up cleaning the doors and windows, and before anyone suggests it, we do not own a shotgun:-)


We had the same problem here in UK and apparently they see their own reflection in the glass, think it is another bird and want to attack it. Like you we were so fed up of the marks on the glass and the gouges in the putty. My husband was reading one of the Stephen King books and it mentioned that crows/rooks don't like owls. We did a bit of investigation on the internet and there are such things as large plastic owls that you can buy. We did buy one and it seems to work. It was only about £10 from ebay. Here is a link to the one like ours If you put in plastic owl as a search on ebay several come up. Hopefully someone will ship to Italy too, or perhaps they have such things in Italy anyway. Good luck. Toni

borrow a shotgun...or for a more humane way try tinfoil strips tied to string on a pole near the window in question. Worked for a persistent Magpie I once had...