Man with van from UK to Abruzzo needed Feb2011

11/29/2010 - 18:14

We are unsure about moving articles over there as opposed to buying when we get there, but know it will likely cost more to buy over there and be more hassle. So we want to get an idea of the cost of moving some of our stuff out there? It won't be a full move as we will be keeping a place in the UK (albeit smaller). We tried to estimate the volume when getting quotes from Companies, but they all seem to differ. So will say the volume will be around 10-20m3. Anyone like to offer their views or even (dare we say it) give us a quote...



Thanks for this, Pauline and Annec. I think I missed this post while off on the road. Steve, I'll pop a PM to you now to give you some price guidelines. Best regards and Buon cappodanno a tutti, Phil.

…have got yourselves sorted. If you haven't, I'll be in the UK between 17th and about 28th Feb, entering at Dover, doing a big loop via Dorset and Herefordshire, the midlands and Yorkshire, then back down whence I came. I'm pretty full on the way up now, but the downward leg has some space on it at the moment. Running similarly during the back end of March, also. Happy packing Phil