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07/22/2009 - 14:17

OK, trying this for the first time - as a new contributor (though have been watching the old forum and start of the new community for a few months like a semi-committed soap fan) I'm trying to get the hang of the structures here - what's this member/visitor thing then? Should I feel flattered to be a member or a bit miffed if I'm still a visitor? Apparently it depends on the amount of activity you generate in the community, but quite a few of the "top posters" are still community visitors. Just an idle query; and what happened to that hierarchical system you used to have with plebs and patricians? Was there a revolution or what?


Welcome Fairy Nuff, I don't understand it either.  Should we be bothered? (Tried to type b-o-v-v-e-r-e-d but came out as bovvered!)

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Hi there Dublin patrizia,Nice to see you're posting in your own time for once (unless you're still at work at 10:31pm).Strange but true.  I have been told that on the old Forum site you started off as a pleb.  After so may postings you became a horse, then a senator , then a patrician (was never told the whole sequence) etc etc.At least here the top of the tree is becoming a 'member' (we should be so lucky, lucky , lucky, lucky).

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"I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as member"Marx(Groucho)I  am ,to my amazement,a member not a visitor!Therefore the criteria cannot be the quality of the posts,( as I have contributed very little to the site apart from my comments regarding custard. )Please do not demote me powers that be, I promise to behave,I find the site very interesting and informative .Anyway, it is Gerbillo's fault she is a very bad influence!

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Thanks for the welcome Gerbillo - nope, can't see that it's important in the big scheme of things, just trying to get the hang of the system;  as for plebs,senators and what have you, I was hoping there'd been an uprising. As you say DP, very interesting site, don't want to get into trouble guv'ner.

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 lorraine on the right hand side of the screen is a box see below


adriatica does not have a status.  you just fill in a simple message by clicking within the box  and then press save and it appears as a message on the bottom part of the piazza screen... your status appears then as what you have typed... a simple form of sending a message ... like twitter or that sort of thing  

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Trying not to be a 'bad influence' for once: LorraineIf you look to the right of the page you will see, under your name, a number of headings.Scroll down until you spot COSA FAI? CHE PENSI? (found it?)Underneath there is a long box.  Whatever you type into that (ie 'Lorraine is feeling very happy today') becomes your STATUS. PS adriatica types too fast for me!