A minor flood!!

10/08/2009 - 13:30

When we booked our flight out to Lamezia we never expected to be mopping up rain inside our Casa!! We arrived on the sat evening and had a drink or two at our fav wine bar on the way home. We even sat outside as it was so warm. On sun am it was warm again but cloudy & that was the last of the decent weather for 7 long days! Sunday afternoon we had rain,thunder& lightening.All week it threw down not just showers of rain but constant heavy rain....Lovely!The following sunday morning the rain decided to come up thru our two bedroom floors, only about 3 inches deep but that was 3 inches too much. Every teatowel and bath towel were used to mop up the water. We had to guide the water into the bathroom drain on the floor as we have a double glazed front door which allows no way for any water to escape! Pat had to go back to work the next day so I stayed an extra 8 days on my own, trying to dry the casa and air it.Pat sorted out the cause of the problem before he left so I was fairly confident of staying dry in case it rained...but it never did! I had wonderful sunshine every day, so hot & sunny. If only the 1st week was like the 2nd. Apparently it was the worst downpour for 9 years...lucky us!I got back yesterday . The only flights Pat could get for me were Lameziz-Pisa then Pisa -Bournemouth,which sound perfect until I realised that the Pisa-Bournemouth flight was the following day.Pat could not get a hotel near the airport so I said "Dont worry I will be okay sitting in the airport all night". My flight in the morning wasnt until 10.30 so I had a long wait as I arrived in Pisa at 8.30 the previous eve. Anyway at midnight Pisa Airport closes!! So me & my two fellow travellers went outside to the nearest bar and sat in really uncomfy chairs until 4am when the Airport opened.Pisa was rather chilly at night and so many people coming in to find the airport closed,so it was chilly & noisy.At 4pm we could have a warm up inside, but no shops or cafe open until aroun 6am. An experiance I never want to repeat!!I now dread going back to our Casa as it will smell badly of damp but nothing we can do for now. Damp proofing is on our next list of jobs to do!