Monti is gone, who is next?

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12/24/2012 - 20:21

Will stranieri who pay no taxes be sent packing?Happy Christmas :)


Okay, I owe it to my Italymag followers to comment on the latest - though it changes minute by minute - but assuredly Monti isn't off the radar right now.  IMO what Monti is trying to do is make irrelevant the reforme elettorale by positing something much more radical. That's why he is an enormous danger to Bersani et al. Funnily enough (truly, one does have to laugh) Berlusconi came up with a similar idea to split political allegiance fron parties toward ideological interest groups (for different reasons). Anyway - one dreams that this could be exciting stuff - but, This is Italy - so it won't be: whoever promotes change. How deluded am I to post this late on Chrismtas night! More to follow whenever there is anything more concrete or comprehensible to say.

Esme, I am avid follower of all Fillide's posts, as I am of your's. Now, whilst on that particular subject, could I impose upon you Esme and Fillide to send me a signed photograph for my collection. They would be cherished.

Isme my dear, I wasn't suggesting photographs of THAT nature! In fact, in the past whenever I try to picture you, I imagined a stark black-and-white mug-shot of you holding a white card with numbers on it. Now you have triggered my imagination however, images of Sophia Loren keep flooding into my brain. Oh goodness gracious me!

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I had rather thought we might oblige the old Kernel, but I think the snap of us mud wrestling makes your bum look big Esme, and the well lit one gives perhaps undue prominence to that extraordinarily well trained Alsation (now known as the German Shepherd, wink wink, Angela!) which David Bailey insisted got into the bed with us both. (Please read that again and count bodies!) To help myself sleep, I draft a mini blog outlining as many Italian political parties as I can think of, naming thier respective spokespersons, but when I wake up and start to type it everything has changed. Never fear, I will post something up-to-date, (at the latest before polling results are banned). 

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definitely with the emphasis on "party"... apparently  more than 20 new parties have been formed over the last month demonstrating "la forza del mangiatoio" better to wait me thinks.

This site could form a political party of itself. I suggests name? "un pugno pieno di stranieri" ;) Fillide, I nominate for finance minister, Gala Placidia for Middle East Peace Envoy, Badger as Energy Minister, Colonello Mustard in charge of armed forces and Esme, Minister for space exploration to utilise the space ship. Other suggestions?

Well - it doesn't matter that I'd probably make a complete dogs bollocks of the finance ministry job - I'd accept in a flash! An auto blu, who could estimate le buste, cheapo pranzi - the salary would just be a perk. Bit like a Gordon Brown job description! This is why the level of debate (UK and IT) is so completely puerile. Unless the electorate gets intelligent and engaged it will ever be so.