More of a comment than a question. I lived in

04/13/2024 - 04:30

More of a comment than a question. I lived in Italy (Latina) for about a year (1979 and 1980). During that time I visited Venice roughly three times through out the seasons. During each visit, I was able to walk on St Mark's Square without getting my feet wet. I went back just in April 2024 and found almost the entire square under three inches of water. I was shocked.


I do pay attention. I was well aware of the problems created by subsidence and rising sea level in Venice. But seeing it with my own eyes was distressing. Project MOSE appears to be of limited effect. The Dutch approach is a possible solution (no surprise), but some features might not be useful in Venice. Concrete infusion applied singly may serve to make things worse. Concrete does not float and bedrock is a long way down. 


At this point my option is to "Hope". 




During my military service stationed in Latina, Italy (Attending a NATO school in the early 80s) I became casually aware of the town of Castel Gandolfo. In our vacation of two years ago, we stayed at Culla Del Lago, a bed and breakfast in a beautiful setting on the shore of Lake Albano and across the lake from Castel Gandolfo. This gave us the opportunity to drive through the town which is interesting since only about a half dozen streets are open to vehicle traffic. At that time I vowed to return, this time staying in the Atlantis Inn in the middle of the town. Excellent choice on numerous fronts.

1. The picturesque quaintness of Castel Gandolfo, location of the Pope's summer palace and featured in the superb film, "The Two Popes" is alone ample reason to room there.

2. Numerous excellent restaurants are available.

3. The inn is conveniently located close to the train station. The walk is only about 1.5 kilometers, but the route is very steep and not for the feint of stamina. The trip via car is equally convenient and on two days we found a parking place at the station. Round trip fare to Rome is about 7 euro and requires only about an hour. Trains pass through the station once per hour at _ _ :45.  

4. The people of Castel Gandolfo are friendly to a fault.

5. While no parking for the car is available at the inn, we found a spot at about half a klick. Plenty of parking, just none at the hotel. 

Our next trip will not be to Italy, but when we return, we will likely stay at Castel Gandolfo.