My god sons new house!

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11/27/2011 - 15:32

Can anyone assist me with this question regarding my god sons house? He has been given a house by his uncle and it needs to be completely refurbished from top to bottom. It will be his first house and his young family are looking forward to moving in. However the builder has told him that he needs to have TWO septic tanks. One for the kitchen and one for the bathrooms. Is this a new building requirement? When we had our house refurbished we had just the one.Are they entitled to any grants or assistance in bringing this old house back to life, it will be their only house.Many thanks.



As far as I know the answer is no on both counts.  I doubt there are any grants available unless the house is in a centro storico and there is local money available to preserve the facades etc.  Re septic tanks - it may be a local requirement - perhaps to separate the black from grey (recyclable) water - but its not something Ive ever heard of.  Your best bet is to have a response from someone local.    

I'm in Emilia Romagna and we only have one, think the builder is trying to get more money out of them. Surely the kitchen water dilutes the bathroom waste which stops the tank getting bunged up. I would talk to geometre as well as some locals and if the geometre agrees with the builder then ask him for the reason. It's their house and they shouldn't agree to anything unless there is a justified reason, chances are it's just a scam and often geometres and builders are in it together. You really need to stay in control of any 'extras' they decide you need or you will end up spending money uneccessarily. If in doubt ask another geometre/builder.

The Ufficio Igiene rules on septic tanks fosse imhoff and not technically the comune.  SO it would better to enquire at the Province.