My Grandparents were both from Naples

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09/09/2019 - 19:46

My Grandparents were both from Naples and proud of it ! Me and my Daughter are trying to find the correct way to say “ Like Mother , Like Daughter “ in the Neapolitan language   This is very important to us as is our heritage   I’m hoping someone is able to help us there. Thank you very much for your help             Sarah 



So the first one was right ?? I was told that meant stepmother and stepdaughter from someone and thought that maybe I typed the question wrong. I feel stupid! It’s time like these that I really miss my grandma and wished I would’ve ask more about our heritage   Her and my Great Grandma only spoke Neapolitan to each other ,but of course I never understood what they were saying and always told my Grandma I wanted to learn but unfortunately I never did   I really appreciate you letting me know ! Thank you very much !