My parents transferred their house to

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05/31/2016 - 18:08

My parents transferred their house to me in Italy, last year- legally with a solictor.  Like my parents l live in the UK and holiday in the village house once a year in August. Since the house was transferred into my name the bills have been sent to my cousin address (the same as my parents had done over the years)and then they are scanned across to my email address.  The invoices are at normal prices as though l live in the house full time.... My parents never paid these prices before.... They have Italian passport - l have a UK passport. Can l also get a reduction for only using my new holiday home now in August only. Please help



You are not resident or Italian so will pay higher rates for your bills, but you might get a reduction on your rubbish tax.   Still its worth checking that the bills are right - For an empty house you will pay (assuming 3Kw) about 45 euros every other bill for electricity for example.   ou say your parents tranferred the property to you with a solicitor. I presume you mean a notaio in Italy.