Networking and new friends in Lombardy-arts and entertainment communties especially!

11/14/2012 - 12:58

Hello friends, I wanted to introduce myself to the arts community in Lombardy and surrounding areas. Please read my bio and ask questions, I will be seeking work in the arts community in Como and Milan and would love to get to network and to know who works in these communities. Please introduce yourselves. I am moving my kids to Italy, my mother's ancestry is Spaniard and Italian, my father in Native American and Puerto Rican, We are seeking a life not so focused on commerce and capitalism, but on the human connection, enjoying yourself, family first, and empathy and compassion for all people-unfortunately this industry is a little bit superfluous. but I feel I can reach good people for lifetime friendships. I have much to learn about you-let's get to know each other. Please if you can suggest any job websites that focus on the arts-or arts related jobs please post on my comments-Also we can network online and through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or Pinterest. In my spare time I like to draw, paint, write, read, cook for friends, have late dinner parties, go exploring on my own or with children, do photography, go to the cinema, concerts, and theatre plays, or museums. I would love to meet more locals who can show me the hidden treasure of Lombardy and Italy in general! Grazie Amici!!