New Desktop PC

07/13/2010 - 12:15

We think our desktop is nearing the time for replacement, and we need to have a machine running on UK/English software. Have done some research but so far have not found any company that will supply from UK to Italy. We have rellies coming out in September by car who could bring it over if we shipped it to them, if push came to shove Would be interested to hear from anybody who has had to update their PC since living here. Thanks



According to   “Apple Macintosh dealers often tend to be small, friendly, caring, family affairs. FBM in Via Flaminia [in Rome] certainly is – That’s where I bought my Mac, and a major factor in buying a Mac and buying it from FBM was because they were able to supply it to me with the English Operating System pre-installed. They also keep English versions of most popular Mac applications in stock, and they're sales people also speak good English, so communication isn't a problem. The other advantage of this store is that it's in central Rome, so you won't have to travel miles to get to it.”

Not sure, but Amazon has beeen brilliant for us here...have bought Henry hoover, plasma 26"tv, exercise machine...looks v good and loads more.....good, quick, and cheap......Hope this helps.  Love Apple but sooo expensive......

Hi. I'm new here but maybe I can offer some help. Any PC using Windows format bought in Italy will have an Italian OS, fine if your fluent in Italian if not steer clear. Macs work on a different system but English OS widely available, but do not get a Mac if you want to run popular sofware, and are unfamiliar with how Mac systems work. Your best bet would be to get one delivered to a UK address and shipped over here or try Amazon, but I'm not sure about them selling PC/Laptops to anywhere outside UK. Dell etc will only supply English OS to either UK or USA. As they say 'You Pays yer Money....etc'

you can buy an apple on line at the apple shop and its delivered in 2 days to your door to your spec.  Otherwise you can buy a pc from PCs R US and just put on an English OS - get Windows 7 its a million times better than Vista.

Sorry, don't know if they sell Mac's but ship to Italy. I have bought 2 laptops from them and had them delivered here. You will need to buy from a UK company if you want the OS (Windows or Mac) in English. Be careful about installing a different OS during the laptop warranty period as it often invalidates the warranty.

tb wrote: "Dell etc will only supply English OS to either UK or USA." Or Australia! I was coming up for a new machine about the time I came here, and realized I had to get one in Oz and ship it here. Expensive, and I will learn Italian, but no way would I have been ready to cope with an Italian OS in time to start working!

I've only owned two computers in my life. First stationary and the very first. I recently finally bought myself a MacBook. I even encountered a small problem, I didn’t know how to stop mac from sleeping, I found information here later. there is still a lot to learn. Because the operating system is now completely different. But it's cool, I'm happy with everything so far.