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12/10/2011 - 06:18

Ciao to everyone within the forum. After several years travelling around Italy looking for the ideal place to put down new roots, yesterday my wife and I became the proud owners of a lovely villa in Puglia, near Francavilla Fontana.Although we have done our ' homework ' as best we can you cannot beat good knowledge from expats who've been there & done it. So my question is - We have been looking at obtaining building & contents insurance and have had one quote for £732 per annum, with £250 excess & contents insured for £50k. Our property is a 3 bed detached villa with 8000 sqm of land. Is this quote a fair amount? I would be grateful for any advice from members on the subject as I've read that some owners don't bother........ but I'm not so sure. Thanks



I suggest you get the best insurance cover you can - don't think it will never happen to you.  A couple of years ago, Puglia saw a very steep increase in house break-ins - with Ex-pat homes being severely targeted as thieves knew they were unlikey to be disturbed if the place was a holiday home. Shop around and compare cover offered carefully, but do not skimp on insurance - or security.

There are a few factors that decide how much you should pay, the most important being, is the Property Occupied most of the time or just a holiday home, also is it remote or in a village. Also how much excess do you wish to pay (the first €250 or € 500 of any claim etc.) Most Italians don't bother with insurance (well around heer they don't) especially contents; but look to see if Eartquake cover is included as nearly every region suffers from it from time to time. Suggest you try the Post Office as they seem to have the cheapest insurance, but look to pay in the region of €500 a year. By the way should your name be Carpe Diem?

Thanks for the posts, much appreciated. To reply to 'Flip', the property is to be our permanent residence once I retire from the Police in March. The property is about 15mins drive from a main town and earthquake cover is included. I'll certainly make enqs with the local P.O. As for my 'handle', after time spent in the military and police I will always 'seize the day' philosophy is live life now don't get a second chance. We can't wait for our new life to begin. Thanks again guys.

Have you tried "Intasure".  We are with them, and although slow they did settle our claim last year.  Our premium for this year was £490, which was higher than in previous years, and was explained by the underwriters increasing the risk factor for Italy.  In previous years our premium was around £360.

Hi Margaret. Thank you for your reply. The figures I mentioned earlier was from Intasure so I'm just trying to get a balanced idea of what I would expect to pay, athough I do appreciate that prices will differ dependant on differing types of property and location. I'm surprised that there is such a difference between your price and our quote! Different properties I would expect.