Non Resident Owning a Car??

donna de amusa Image
12/08/2011 - 17:14

Interesting comment from "learning in error" about non-residents being able to own a car. Is it possible for someone to shed more light on this topic please? It would such a pleasure not to have to drive the car 1600 miles over 3 days to the South of Italy.


I should have made clear that my post was in response to one under the topic Hello From Canada.  The posters user name is "Learning by Error" .  My mistake was starting a new topic instead of responding directly to the post.    Sorry ...  

My understanding is that a nonresident can't legally own a car. It is a different matter I guess whether a car dealer will sell a nonresident a car. I welcome correction if this is wrong. 

There are a few other threads discussing this subject, if you use the search function. However, irrespective of Pamela's comment, I owned a car a couple of years before acquiring residency status, and the ownership was registered with the government equivalent of the UK Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency. I speculated on the other thread mentioned that this may have been eased by buying in a large city garage. I found that opinions on whether one can actually buy a car or not without having residency status varied from "no problem" to "impossible", the only reply missing being "I don't know but will check it out".