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11/03/2011 - 05:10


Hi, This is our first year we have picked the olives from our trees, don't laugh, we only have three trees, but they have yielded almost 30 kilos. Now we don't know if the local oil mills will accept such a small amount. Has anybody any experience of how the mills work, i.e. cost of processing the olives, or will they buy these from us or even trade for oil. Any help gratefully received. buona giornata a tutti.   Frank White. 

No I won't laugh because we only have 13 trees and many are on slopes etc so more decorative than easy to harvest. We had 22 litres of oil from them last year but this year our trees were ' chilling out' or because of the prolonged cold spell last Winter had been forced to chill. Seems like most of the other trees in our area (Lazio) suffered the same. We didn't pick this year. We always pick third week in October and even though we have a modest amount, we get them down to the local frantaio asap and they fit them in when they can. We paid 21 euros for 163 Kg  of olives (14%yield) and got 22 litres of oil.we then end up with cold pressed organic olive oil which keeps us going for the year. As the amount you have this year is small, go down to a frantaio, watch the process, have a chat to the people there. One year we had a very small amount and we put it with a few other small batches, shared the cost and shared the oil. It is an interesting process and you'll know for next year.

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     Thanks for all your information, very interesting, we have already done as you suggested and added our  olives to our neighbours harvest, he has about 90 trees. I will also do as you suggest, that is visit our  local frantaio to sound out the  procedure for next year.  grazie mille Frank.

You did well with your trees!...we will be lucky to get a few boxes full from ours this year and we have 75!. Yield seems very localised, so this year we will be joining with friends to get a few litres each. In another previous bad year the presses were willing to take small amounts so you could always ask. The less automated, traditional cold presses are the ones to try. A rough guide, and this is dependant on the type of olive and when you pick, we usually pick 2nd week in Nov, is 7kilos of olives = 1litre of oil. Best yield for us was 120 litres which cost about 80e.