One of the most difficult things to open and manage

05/10/2023 - 22:16

One of the most difficult things to open and manage when a part time owner in Italy are the UTILITIES!!

There should be an entire guide written about this most flummoxing of subjects.

One thing unclear to me that maybe some dear person out there can add some small amount of information to is this:

If you don't have a digital water meter, how does your water supplier(in my case Il Municipio)know what your meter reading is in order to bill you? My billing occurs once a year in June--I've not yet been billed because I've purchased just in the last ten months. My bill is about to be issued; I'm not there, how do they know what to bill me?! With gas and electrical the meters are digital, hence no problem.



If your meter is in a place where it is not readily reachable then the comune will either leave you a card to fill in with your current meter reading or send you an estimated bill.  If its the latter you can then contact the comune with the exact reading and they will reissue the bill.