Open Log Fires in Piemonte [and other areas]Just had

09/19/2023 - 05:36

Open Log Fires in Piemonte [and other areas]


Just had a log burning stove fitted in our house, because Piemonte has banned open log fires.  Only found out from a plumber who was called in to mend the toilet flush, who told me of the ban. [I did look it up online to check!]

What surprised me, as a non resident, was that the government [or possibly Piemonte Authorites] gave me Euro1500 toward the cost of purchasing and installing log burner,

[Whilst we loved having an open fire, we had for some time thought that we should go to a log burner stove to save on heating costs [and decorating]].

Most of the locals will, of course, be ignoring the ban - especially as the local Comune lets out tenders every year for local residents to cut wood on the Comune's land.



I must check up on my Comune as I have an open fireplace that I'm thinking of removing it as too messy and trouble.  I suppose people can cut wood for use in a log burner though we all know that pellet burners are quite popular in Italy.

Tony, I believe you are in Tuscany, and as I understand it  Tuscany has brought in the ban on open log fires (and inefficient log burners)

All the paperwork/applications etc for my 1500 Euro discount was done by the people who supplied and fitted the new burner.  I had no interaction with the Comune on this.

A simple Google should confirm/deny the ban in Tuscany.  All I find says Tuscany has the ban.

One problem with pellet burners is that the cost of the pellets apparently has jumped up.


Alan, you're right, I'm very near Livorno so not rich enough for Chiantishire! What burner did you get? I was just going to get an electric radiator in the place of my fireplace which is too big for my small apartment.  Then i was going to use my central heating a bit more though I use large 35 kg bottled gas units which last and prices seem still okay. You're right of course on pellet prices.

Thanks for your information.

Hi, you are right about the pellet stoves, the pellets jumped from around 4eur per bag up around 12 at the hight of the russian energy crisis(invasion).

They have since dropped to around 5.50.

I have all three, open fire , enclosed wood burners and stuffas (pellet stoves).

 By far the simplest is the pellet stove, you fill it every 3 or 4 days depending on usage, it's full programmable 7 day cycle and clean takes seconds.

Very simple to install as well.