Parking near Pisa airport

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02/11/2010 - 13:13


  Hi, I am trying to find out if there is any long term parking available near Pisa airport. After 8 years of renting cars approx 5/6 times a year, I feel we could have bought two or three at this stage. I am aware that parking like this is available in Spain, ie. you leave your car there over a period of time and the garage will start it on a regular basis to keep the battery alive etc., for a very reasonable annual fee, anything would be cheaper than renting.

  There is a Car Park at Pisa Airport, situated by the level crossing (bottom of platform at station adjacent to Airport) that does reasonable rates for long term, about 5-6 euro a day. But if you are thinking months then I'm not sure, have you thought of Taxi to your destination/Airport and leave your car there? Having said that you can find some good deals on Car Hire if you look around €135 euro a week.

 All the parking is on the Pisa airport site. Have parked at pisa for the last 5 years and all works out expensive. The one after the station now has gone up in price. The best value is the one after the car hire depot, but omny open from spring to septabout 7 euros a day. Have made inquires about off airport parking but nothing.

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  Thanks for all your advice, I believe that the car hire companies also rent spaces in Spain for a good price, so I will look into this forst. If anyone knows anything about this I would be grateful for any info.

  After Italy won the world cup I got two weeks parking free... they had put the barriers up to celebrate, then all the motorway toll roads were free all the way to Liguria. Let's hope they win the next one too! Now, to be slightly more helpful... I'm sure there is a company which is aimed at business people, which allows you to buy a car, then use one anywhere in the world (I think it's major cities, but you catch my drift). It may be that you pay a subscription fee, but I think that everyone who signs up buys a car, and then shares. I can't remember the name though, sorry.