Passionate about Piedmont? Let Italy Magazine hear from you!

09/29/2022 - 10:21

Hi everyone! Mary Gray here, Georgette Jupe's successor as managing editor of Italy Magazine.

We're busy putting the finishing touches on our quarterly digital magazine, Bellissimo, exclusively for subscribers. This one's a packed Piedmont special, and we're eager to hear what YOU love most about the region — land of Barolo, Juventus and so much more.

Here's a little inspiration for you to set the mood, taken from an article we published yesterday soliciting your comments...


Piedmont ⁠— Piemonte in Italian ⁠— doesn’t have the household-name pull of places like Tuscany or Sicily. (Might it catch you off guard if we told you it’s Italy’s second-largest region?) But this wellspring of Barolo wine, Juventus soccer and endless seasonal delights deserves its time in the spotlight.

It’s a travel writing cliché to christen a place a “land of contradictions.” We know. But hey, if there ever were one, Piedmont’s it. For students of Italian history, both royal courts and resistance movements are top of mind in this area. Truffle-hunting dogs and nature-loving travelers could traipse for days through the seemingly endless country landscapes; meanwhile, titans of industry like Fiat and Lavazza figure heavily into the life of Turin, the capital city.

These contrasts are precisely why Piedmont’s such a fascinating place to cover. This next issue of Bellissimo sure to pique your curiosity about the region if it’s relatively new to you. For those who are already familiar, we guarantee there's so much more to discover.

If you’ve already been wooed by Piedmont’s paradoxes and its charms, we’re eager to hear what travel tips you'd share with our reader community. What makes this region distinct from the others? What would you tell a first-time visitor? Would you go back again? Have you already?


Select responses will be featured in a crowdsourced article in the issue, soon to be hot off the (e)-press. Thanks for your input!



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