Piemonte region weather — what’s it like? In particular, what

08/21/2022 - 12:53

Piemonte region weather — what’s it like? In particular, what is the cloud cover like versus sunshine?

I lived in Germany for over ten years and explored, and fell in love with, Rome, Tuscany, parts of Umbria, and Abruzzo but have only been to Milan and Lago Maggiore in the vicinity of Piemonte. 

My initial question is: how is the weather year round in Piemonte, really?

I’m an American and my husband is an Italian citizen from Brazil. We would love to relocate to Italy. We both love Italy and are getting more serious about turning our dream into a reality. We've been looking at various regions and have recently spent a lot of time researching the Piemonte region.

We currently live in Seattle, Washington which has way too many grey, rainy, cloud covered days for our taste. We don't want to end up under a dark cloud cover again and although I've researched it as far as I can, I'd love to hear personal stories of how it feels year after year of living in Piemonte and if there are pockets with greater sunshine than others. I imagine there are with how mountainous/hilly with valleys it appears to have.

In Seattle, we have 266 days of dark, grey clouds. Our rainfall is not the biggest issue, it's the clouds which get stuck in between mountain ranges and they hover like a heavy, wet blanket. How are the clouds in Piemonte? 

Do you have any personal experience you can share? 

A little about us:

We are in our mid-40's, can work virtually in our professions, and would also like explore having an agroturismo business, B&B, or Air BnB as a part of our passion and income. We are foodies, love to cook (we have an entire private dinner party concept, love the slow food movement and my husband is passionate about rustic, authentic italian cuisine). My husband is also a skilled, self-taught woodworker so we would need a shop for him. I have a background internationally in high-end, holistic spas and wellness centers, hospitality and personal growth workshops and retreats. I've also lived in SE Asia and Asia as well, and spent 15-years travelling and living abroad. We have a lot of ideas we'd love to turn into reality!

Everything we've researched about Piemonte feels like an amazing fit for us, my biggest question before we get more serious is the weather.

Thank you for your help and any insight you can share!

Grazie Tante!



Well, as nobody has posted, I'll give my response as a non-resident. (I have a holiday property in Piemonte). 

Piemonte is a large (to Brits) area with differing characteristics.   There are mountainous areas, (north and west), beautiful lake areas such as Maggiore and Orta, and lots of flatter areas.  You really need to focus in on possible areas to live - weather varies across the region  so you need to get statistics online for specific areas. 

Also, if you want to 'do the woodcraft shop" thing, perhaps you need the touristy areas such as the West Side of Maggiore or the east side of Orta.  You'd probably need to live a bit away from your shop because of property prices and space availability.

Good luck with your search