PLEASE HELP!I live in the US and I am

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08/09/2017 - 21:29

PLEASE HELP!I live in the US and I am trying to send a relative money in Perugia Italy. They use Itialian Poste and so I am trying to send money to where it goes directly to her bank account. Is that possible? I've looked into Western Union but can't send directly to her account for some reason.  I read recently that perhaps PayPal may allow me to add money to that PostePay prepaid card. Anyone who can help I would be very grateful! Thank you,Katherine 


Sending money from a bank account in america to a bank account in italy is easy, it's a normal bank transfer. - If you want to have a savings on the exchange, I suggest you to transfer euro and not dollars.

You need to state the exact product this person has to have any chance of an answer. Looking at the poste site They are two different things;  a poste bank account and a postpay card (which does not need an account by the looks of it). Have a look here on the poste site for details of postpay cards. For the most basic card it looks like you can't credit it, but I've not read all the detail.For a bank account with the Poste from what I can see it's just like any other bank account and as Ugo said, just a straight bank to bank electronic transfer, although I'm sure there will be cheaper methods. I would suggest you investigate how long any method you look at will take if it is urgent.

 Postepay, is what can be defined, a closed circuit in the entrance - the rechargeable card issued by the Italian post office can be recharged = can receive money - only from an Italian postal account or by a payment made at a post office - it does not have an IBAN or BIC code.If you want to transfer money from the United States to a person who has a postepay card, you can not do it - but if you have a current post bank account in Italy ( Bancoposta) , in your name, you want to transfer the money From your bank in USA  to the Post bank account and then from the post bank account to the poste pay card, this transfer service from post bank account to postepay card, has the price of 1 euro for each transaction.If the money transfer from an USA bank account to the postal bank account in italy, is made in euro, has a really irrelevant cost, around 10 euros - if instead the transfer is in $, the transfer price will be considerably higher because all Italian standard  ( not in foreign currency – used by firms ) bank accounts can not Receive currencies other than the euro, and hence are debited, to those who send foreign currency, the rate and the exchange transaction. MORE - Italian post servece - have an transfert service named MONEY GRAM , to tranfert money to many countries  - i do not know as  they work and costs - but know that many Immigrant workers in Italy, use this service to send money to their relatives in the world - I think it can certainly also be used to receive.Anyway the site is this>

Thanks for your help. It is a card that is pre paid and doesn't have a bank account. They did give me the BIC and IBAN number etc. but still not sure if anywhere in the US I can find how to transfer to their card. I guess I could do it through Italian poste however I only speak English and that whole page is in ITALIAN 

The whole web site of is in Italian, and NOT it is very easy to find an office clerk who speaks English (and sometimes even a good Italian ..) - The banker is NOT a real bank, better, absolutely not An international bank -The only postepay rechargeable card with IBAN is the EVOLUTION  ( black and gold) masterccard circuit  You can try to recharge the card from your US account with the BIC code, if your system does not work, your bank tells you in 12/24 hours that the transfer has not been successful and your money will not be out of your account .

Go to your bank in the US with the BIC and IBAN number and ask them if they can make payment to it, if so, how long and at what cost. if needed you can translate the Poste site using google chrome. Alternatively it may be better using something you know i.e. Western Union, which I know nothing about, but see they have agents/offices in Perugia.

Dear Katherine, it can be difficult to send money internationally, especially if you are looking for a direct transfer to your relative's bank account. While Western Union is a popular option, it may not always be possible to send money directly to a bank account. However, you may want to consider using PayPal to add money to your relative's PostePay prepaid card, as you mentioned. This could be a quick and convenient option for both of you. Additionally, if you need emergency funds for this or other financial needs, you may want to consider using service. They offer quick and easy loan services to help you get the funds you need in a hurry. Best of luck to you!