Plumbago var auriculata

05/03/2012 - 05:29

I live in Marche and have had, for 4 yrs now a plumbago growing in a pot as I thought it was not hardy enough to withstand the winters here. The pot is 40ltr size, big and heavy and I have been bringing it inside to protect it from the elements overwinter. A friend has just brought me a piece of his, (a sucker) that came from his plant in Spain that is happily growing in the ground. Is anyone here having success with planting theirs in the soil? Would save a lot of effort and free up some inside space !



I'd say they are hardy down to about -4degC, so against a south wall, out of any wind, I might give it a go - depends a lot on how high and or exposed you are.  It's just about time to take some cuttings from it, so make yourself a few 'spares' which will be easy to keep in smaller pots inside during the winter.

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Thank you both for your replies.  I am high up and we do get terrific winds when they come.  The plant in question has produced 2 suckers so I will pot them on and when good and strong will try planting one in the most sheltered part of the garden and see what happens, who knows, if we had a mild winter it may survive ?  Thats if the culprit digging up my bulbs (ate all my young broadbeans, 6" high) and my autumn sown onion sets leaves it alone !  This gardening lark is not always easy !