Poste bankers draft

02/12/2011 - 13:30

Hi   Has anyone any idea if the Italian Poste has the equivalent of a bankers draft and if so, are there are any limits on the amount and what is the cost...?


The Italian word for 'banker's draft' is assegno circolare. Poste Italiane do issue these - though I'm not sure they do them on private client accounts (they certainly do them on business accounts). There is also another sort of draft called 'un assegno postale vidimato' which is again a 'guaranteed' cheque, and to get one of those you don't even need a Poste account. (I'm not clear on the use or acceptance of such an assegno.) It would probably be a useful move for you to enquire of the person you wish to pay with a 'banker's draft' exactly what would be acceptable to them. As to the cost - I've only ever bought assegni circolare from another bank (not Poste) - but if it cost anything it was in the region of €2 (for each assegno - they have a limit of something like €50,000 per cheque as I recall).

YEs the Poste does issue assegni circolare - I think you pay 3 euros each, and I dont think you even have to be an account holder... but it depends on how much it/they are for...