Price for external chimney from pellet stove

11/08/2012 - 14:36

Anyone have any idea on pricing for an external chimney from a pellet stove to reach above the roof line on the 2nd floor of a house. I am posting on behalf of a friend who is not well enough to do her own research, so forgive me for being vague. She has been quoted 1200e for steel and 1600e for copper.I am assuming this is for supply and fit. Any ideas very welcome.



The materials are expensive. Cannot be priced without looking at the job. It might be a difficult one or real easy peasy. I know a certain lady asked for a price on a similar job and gave up cos it was just too expensive.

First off, you don't say on which floor the pellet stove is to be installed - assume it is ground floor, and the flue being priced is quite tall. If such a tall flue is necessary (it could be) then the prices seem in line. However, pellet stoves usually can work perfectly efficiently on a ''balanced flue'' - and often all this needs is a hole in the wall and no tall chimney. But you can't locate one of these simple flues if the householder, or a neighbour, has windows directly (or close to directly) above the wall flue outlet.

Especially as the government has decided gas is to go up another 2% I saw today, in order to pay for 40% 'grants' for people installing solar thermal systems (I assume this means hot water rather than PV) and biomass boilers.

Has been the case for many years Penny, but only for residents who pay tax here. Only existing buildings can benefit of 55% tax deduction, no benefit for new buildings/houses. Buildings have therefore to be registered by local "Catasto". This benefit is granted for all works inproving thermal and energetic consumption of the house, the complete list of works is available on Enea website, Amount granted are: -euro 100.000 for lowering energetic need of the building (new heating or conditioning system) (that is 55% of  Euro 181.818,18); -euro 60.000 for house insultion, windows including shutters, roof, etc (that is 55% of  Euro 109.090,90); -euro 60.000 for solar panels (that is 55% of  Euro 109.090,90); -euro 30.000 for winter climatisation systems (that is 55% of Euro 54.545,45). When all works are finished, a qualified engineer has to certify that all works are complying with requirements, and can fill in Form E of "Decreto del Ministro dell'Economia e delle Finanze del 19/02/2007" and sent it to Enea by internet. Other documents are to be kept by (client) for eventual inspection of Ministero delle Finanze: -copy of all payments made by bank transfer, indicating: invoice number, codice fiscale of client and Partita IVA of client: "Pagamento fattura nr.XX del XX/XX/2009, beneficiario detrazione 55% (company), beneficiario pagamento Company." -receipt of Form E sent to Enea by internet; -certification made by engineer that all works are made in the right way; all invoices related to the works;   Latest Enea updates here: --

I think this is different Badger as the newspaper clearly said the 40% of the original cost will be paid back to you over the subsequent 2 years. This will be funded by a 2% increase in the price of gas over the next 4 years. You are describing a tax deduction that has been in place for sometime. This is a new scheme:

There could be 2 chains of thought over this. 1 You go for the 40% just for the energy efficient heating and that does include geothermal systems as well with the payback over 2 years on the system alone. 2 You go for the 55% payback over the 5 years, but get the added benefits of the house upgrade costs deducted as well i.e. double glazing, loft insulation etc to meet the required standards.

Not sure about that, but I have sent a email to the office to get some better clarification of the this new law. The 55% covered so much, for a change to a geothermal system, with plumbers bills, electrician, excavation, included in the reclaim. We have quite a few people that have taken advantage of that scheme. As I read this one, it just seems to cover the system equipment cost. Will update as soon as I hear more

Concerning 40% rebate I will study deeper the matter, but so far it seems to be a proposal not yet into force. Government is now checking if there are enough funds to cover it, cross fingers. It may well be that the 55% willl be discontinued at the end of this year and replaced by this other option. As soon as I hear more then I will update on here.