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02/24/2012 - 12:35

Hi Its me again! I do find this forum so useful.As I said in my previous post (is it too much?) we moved into our house in November and we have found it quite an experience so far. We've had flloods, landslides, an earthquake, deep snow resulting in the mains water pipe freezing in the road and so we had no water. We have waited three months for a telephone line and ADSL which we finally got connected yesterday:-) very slow internet but who cares? Has it put us off? No we still love it here.Anyway I digress, Our house has some woodland (about 7/8 acres) with it which we apparently own. In with our deeds there is a very old and sketchy map showing what we own but it is obviosly very out of date going by the position of the roads. The deeds describe and number all the small parcels of land that go together but they mean nothing to us. Does anyone please know how I can get an up to date map? I assume it will be something to do with the land registry office. Also is there anything like the English ordinance survey maps here as we want to do some walking in our area.Thanks


What you need are the visure catastale of your land - the easiest way is to do it by soggetto - ie you - and it will give you a nice map of what you own.  If you want to PM me your codice fiscale and your province and comune, and email address Ill try and do you one this weekend.   The map you need are the Military maps which are the best - and most detailed - but they are only sold by specialist outlets - you need to find a cartoleria which sells maps by the Istituto Geografico Militare - they're not cheap but they're the best, highest res 1:25000 maps there are. 

Kompass do a lot of carte turistiche (predominantly for northern regions) at 1:50,000 (equivalent to one inch to the mile) which are quite brilliant. Up to date and with hiking and bicycling trails marked on them. Their website isn't the most brilliant thing in the world, but with perseverence you should be able to discover whether your zone is covered by their maps. Often the map comes with a useful small guide book (in many languages, including English). They cover quite a lot of Umbria and some of Le Marche, but that's about as far south as they go (last time I looked). The military ones, at least for my area, are IMO pretty useless as a map to follow on foot (although most interesting to study as a historical document) because they are very old, and boringly black and white,

Ritaruth   If your local Commune don't have a detailed knowledge of your area and what belongs to who i would be very surprised, and if they don't for sure your neighbours do!!   We own about 4 hectares of woodland, some in bits and the our neighbours could walk us round it blindfold, if necessary! Have fun in your new home, the weather will improve soon and you have all those prima vera flowers to look forward to. Fabbriche