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08/16/2010 - 14:09

I hope someone can help us on a couple of technical questions. I have just been searching through the agenzia di territorio information on a property we are looking at, but some of the headings do not mean anything to me. After Qualita comes Classe. On the particelle I am looking at that is given either as 3 or 4. Then it has Partita which has either 940 or 1696, and seems to vary with the classe. The other two items we do not understand are the tiny values given under the headings Reddito dominicale & Reddito agrario.  Also we have found a website that gives values per hectare for the different types of land use, and these listings change every year. What do these values mean, or what are they for? Many thanks.


Reddito is the theoretical rentable value for the particella - like a rateable value - the dominicale is for normal people, the agrario is the rent that a registered farmer would pay - so it's less.   They have no practical application.  Nor does classe.  The different land uses are vineyard, oliveto, fallow, semi fallow etc - and obviously the value of the land varies with what it produces.   The visure have no practical benefit for someone trying to find out if the land is worth what the owner is asking.... 

As Ram says, the visura is not going to give you an idea of the fair price as even the cadastral value has little to do with what you end up paying; however, I think it is an interesting document to have as is the "visura storica" that lists all the names of the previous owners. Good luck with the purchase!

I'd disagree that Classe has no relevance. 3 or 4 is not important, but Classe is a measurement of 'prestige' - and if you are looking at Classe 7 residential you are in a deluxe Villa category which not only means that you will be paying ICI even on your prima casa but that the tax men will be paying very close attention! Same goes for non residential - for exampple (and it makes sense) - if you have a shop on the main drag in a big city you will be 'classed' higher than a corner shop in a half dead village, and correspondingly pay more 'rates'. But this is nitpicking - Ram is completely correct that the information you are looking at is absolutely useless to you! There is no way that you could ever make a sensible decision to buy an Italian property by looking at catastal information.