Public Holidays 2012

02/16/2012 - 05:56

I have seen that the Italian Government is eliminating some public holidays in 2012 and/or moving those that occur mid-week to a Sunday.Does anyone have a link reflecting whether or not this has been officially confirmed ?Thanks in advance,S


Berlusconi's government had decided in August 2011 with what was known as the "manovra di Ferragosto" to do away with some of the public holidays which allowed workers to take a "bridge day"; e.g. 1 May (one of the proposed date changes) falls on a Tuesday this year so you could take the Monday as holiday allowing you to have a long week-end. Following a large public outcry, backed by economists, this "manovra" was overturned for 25 April, 1 May and 2 June in September 2011. So far, I haven't seen anything which overturns the overturn!

actually there aren't too many feb-nothing-march nothing -  april 9th + 25th -    may 1st-  june nothing- july nothing- august 15th- sept nothing -october nothing - november 1st - december 25th ,26th so only seven public holidays till the end of the year except something on a sat/sun and probably every locality has it's own municipal/ saint's  holiday

April 25, 1 May and 2 June and 15 August, 25 December and 1 Jan are to be celebrated whichever day of the week they fall on.  All other holidays must be celebrated on the nearest Sunday, if at all.  This also goes for padronal saints days, with the exception of Milan and Rome who keep their special status.  Palermo has refused to celebrate Santa Rosalia on a Sunday, but have no exemption, nor does Napoli and they seem set to have Gennaro's liquefaction on the right day.   What the sanctions will be for unlawfully celebrating your local saint, nobody seems to know.   

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I was under the impression that December 8 would occur on that date, because of its religious status (though this year it falls on a Saturday so it won't make much difference). On this basis I thought May 1 would move to a Sunday, but probably the PD knocked that one on the head, and similarly with June 2 (again, this year it falls on a Saturday). It is very difficult (it seems to me) to get a definitive answer on what's happening this year, and probably even more tricky to work it out for 2013.