09/10/2009 - 07:32

I`m finding it difficult, and slightly ironic , that when travelling in the area I`m unable to get a good classical music station on the radio, just Italian junk music and discussion. Any tips?



...but pretty much what I would have said if I had not had problems logging on this afternoon.In my opinion, Italian radio is just about as crap as Italian TV. What's more, there are about 50,000 different radio stations in Italy, each of which can only be received in an area with a radius of about 10 kilometres. However, since they all play the same pop crap, it doesn't really matter much that radio stations fade in and out every 5 minutes when you're on the Autostrada. Odds are good that the song that's fading out will also be playing on the next radio station you'll get on the same frequency.I have occasionally heard classical music on RAI 3, but even this national radio service comes and goes as you drive. There also seems to be an awful lot of talk programmes on RAI 3. My Italian is not good enough to understand what they're droning on about, but the general tone reminds me of BBC Radio 3 at its most pretentious and elitist.If you want to practice your idiomatic Italian comprehension, then listening to Italian radio is probably a good idea. If you just want to listen to some nice classical music while you drive, I think you're better off supplying your own.Al